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Heubach GmbH

Rohstoffhersteller: Pigmente Farben-/Lackproduzent: Automobilreparaturlacke, Can und Coil Coating, Industrielacke, Korrosionsschutzsysteme, Pulverlacke, Automobilserienlacke, Bautenfarben und - lacke, Druckfarben

The Heubach Group
Heubach is a leading, independent global manufacturer with expertise in pigments and pigment preparations. Heubach is a privately held group of companies and all of our facilities are 100% owned by the group.
We have a more than 200-year history of know-how in pigment production combined with ongoing innovations that has enabled us to demonstrate continued growth.

Heubachstr. 7
38685 Langelsheim
Tel.: +49 5326 520
Fax: +49 5326 52213