Verband der Ingenieure des Lack- und Farbenfaches e.V.

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The VILF was founded by graduated engineers from the main German paint schools in 1956. Today there are still many paint engineers among the members but the association opened up and many other professionals from the paint and coatings industry joined the organization. Currently the VILF counts more than 700 members and more than 80 companies support the association through a company membership. One of the main targets of the association is to provide professional expertise and knowledge to its members and to keep these knowledge update. The association and its district groups organize frequent meetings and conferences to provide knowledge to its members.

The VILF is also active beyond its national area. In 2001 a powder coatings meeting in Mulhouse (France) was jointly organized with the French Association AFTPVA. Furthermore VILF keeps contact to other coatings and chemical associations like the SVLFC in Switzerland and the district groups work together with the paints and coatings section of the GdCH to organize meetings and lectures. VILF is also member of the European organization FATIPEC and coorganizes the European Paint Conference ETCC 2014 in Cologne/Germany.

What else is there?

  • The membership fee includes the subscription of the leading German professional magazine Farbe+Lack.
  • Our member companies have the possibility to present themselves on the VILF-website and on the VILF Annual Meeting
  • Every two to three years the VILF conducts a survey on the salaries of its members. Members receive the complete report including all structural information.
  • Networking is very important. In addition to the district events and the VILF Annual Meeting, leisure activities like motorcycle tours are organized.