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VILF Regional Groups

The regional groups of the VILF offer free lectures, often supported by member companies. Depending on the group, multiple lectures are offered each year on the latest topics from the paint & coatings industry. Discussions are encouraged during but also after the lectures. Usually the lectures end in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying dinner. Once again there are plenty of opportunities to network with other paints and coatings specialists. VILF-members can register for one or more regional groups and will receive invitations to the events accordingly. Additionally the regional meetings and the topics are announced online on the VILF-homepage under regional groups (only in German language).

You want to give or attend a lecture? Please get in touch with one of the head of our regional groups.
The following members of VILF are active as head of the corresponding regional group:

Bernd Heinken and Dirk Brune
Thomas von Oppenkowski and Robert Reyer
Alban Wekenmann and Oliver Groß