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Paints and coatings are a versatile area of work. Jobs in this area are also very versatile. Interested students can start in different ways their education in paints and coatings technology.

Lab Assistent for paint & coatings
The education can take place at a company that is authorized and lasts 3.5 years. In case of extraordinary performance apprentices can shorten the period of education.

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Paint technician and Engineer for paints and coatings
This profession requires to study at a technical college respectively an university that is state-approved. Paint technicians have to study 4 semesters and students, which target a master degree, have to study at 10 semesters.

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Job opportunities

Lab assistants, technicians and engineers work after their apprenticeship at paint & coatings manufacturers, raw material producers, companies that apply coatings by an industrial process or at scientific institutes. The amount of schools and universities of applied science where paint and coatings technology is taught is limited. Usually the demand for professionals with background in paint and coatings exceeds the number of graduates and currently the career outlook is positive.

Typical fields for a professional career:

  • Development or technical service of paint and coatings, raw materials for coatings industry
  • Technical sales engineer for coatings and raw materials
  • Production of paints & coatings